What Happens If You Are Held In Contempt Of A Custody Agreement

The best plan of action is to file a contempt claim against the ex. There are two main types of contempt: civil contempt and criminal contempt. Criminal contempt occurs when a party makes a mistake in the courtroom, e.B. shouts or acts violently in the courtroom. Contempt of civil court occurs when a party disobeys a judge`s order (p.B. when it disobeys custody orders). Costs for the aggrieved party in the submission of the contempt application (RCW 7.21.030, RCW 26.18.160) If you do not follow parts of a parenting order or agreement again and again, you may encounter serious difficulties. Try to clarify things to make your life easier. When this happens, the judge has many options on what to do, depending on which part of the order or agreement you don`t follow.