Sprint Device Financial Agreement

When your rental agreement expires, a fee will be charged for the remaining purchase price for your device, plus taxes on your bill. Capable device needed; Coverage not available in some areas. While 5G access does not require a specific plan or function, some applications/services can be used. For more information on network management (z.B. video optimization), please see the coverage of details, CGVs and information on the Internet. Phones are no exception. We rely heavily on these devices for our personal and professional lives. Even if we use them to stay connected, it`s helpful to have the best options available. Plans like Sprint Flex Lease can make it easier to track new mobile technology without breaking the bank. Unbundle your panties. The customer receives a text and/or is called and informed that his lease is concluded and he gets the option to pay the device in a lump sum or pay 6 identical monthly payments to own the device. If the customer is not sure if they want to own the device, they can only pay a rental fee until they decide. You know, flex plan, several flexible options.

If you don`t mind not owning your phone, you trust your ability to keep your device in top shape and want annual updates, renting a phone might be the best option for you. In the short term, you save money because you don`t spend extra money each year to pay for this shiny new device. Today I discovered that Sprint`s new Flex Plan program (replacing the previous iPhone forever and forever) is deliberately orchestrated, so you won`t own your device even after 18 months of payment for the lease. Visit a T-Mobile store to see our wide variety of devices. I paid double the value of this iPhone 6s, and I still have to pay them $174 to officially own the device. However, remember that you need to return your original device in good condition, turn your phone over or update it for a new one. This means that your phone does not need to have physical damage, must always be able to turn on and stay, have disabled all activation padlocks and have not installed engravings or objects. If this is not the case, you may be charged a compensation fee.