Signing Ceremony Of Unity Of Religion Agreement

The WCRP conference included prayers and meditation rituals of different religions, both in the Vatican and at the secondary site of the Riva del Garda conference. The Pope heard Quranic verses and Jewish, Shinto, Buddhist and Hindu incantations for peace, Inside the Vatican7 said. The WCRP newsletter of February 1995 stated that the final declaration of the conference recognized the new world community that is taking shape, affirmed “the holiness of the earth and our unity with it,” affirming that “sharing sacred texts, respectful respect for other religious traditions, and participating in common meditation can facilitate mutual enrichment and inspiration…¬†These are exactly the feelings of the UR that the WCRP co-founds. What Swing seems to be saying is that pantheism, heresy, that everything in the universe is connected to God in one force, is not yet a universally accepted idea. Pantheism is implied by concepts such as ties, interdependencies, global villages, world tribe, international community, world civilization, family of nations, etc. A pantheistic community must, by definition, have a unity of religion (i.e., syncretism is pantheism). Thus Swing says: “The UR will be a symbol of the fact that believers share the deep faith, that all life is linked and that unity is worth seeking.” Its implicit threat is that those who do not adhere to the “deep faith” of pantheism will be brought to justice by the ur`s global religious autonomy, a source of disagreement and quarrel. Be that as it may, the mission of the Church is not to bring peace to the world, but to obtain the eternal salvation of all men by teaching the Gospel and baptizing it in the faith. In 1988, Cardinal Ratzinger reported 30 Days9 that Catholic participation in an interreligious Peace Council was “impossible because of the nature of the Church.” He said that the Church would not participate in a meeting that brought together the world`s religions on the theme of peace, because the Church “is not able to obtain peace by force … .