Is An American Eskimo Right For Me

Learn about American Eskimo dogs, their characteristics, traits and more.

The Best American Eskimo Resources

American Eskimos are one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs. They are loyal, obedient and learn very quickly. American Eskimos make great companions and are great watchdogs.

Alertness – Extremely High (9/10)

Ability To Learn – Extremely High (10/10)

Playfullness – High (8.5/10)

Cleanliness – Extremly High (9/10)

Good With Children – High (8/10)

Need For Attention – Moderate (7.5/10)

Facts And Figures

The American Eskimo comes in three sizes. The Toy, the Miniature and the Standard. They range from nine inches tall to 19 inches.

Toy Height – 23-30 cm/9-12 inches
Toy Weight – 2.4-4.5 kg/6-10 lbs
Miniature Height – 38 cm/11-15 inches
Miniature Weight – 4.5-9 kg/10-20 lbs
Standard Height – 38 cm/14-19 inches
Standard Weight – 16 kg/18-35 lbs

Coat – Winter white standoff double coat with a ruff around the neck.

Temperament –
Charming, Affectionate, Loving, Playful, Alert, Wary, Energetic, Loyal and Outgoing.

Litter Size – Standard: 4-6, Mini: 2-4, Toy: 1-2

Life Span – 10-15+ years (Up to 20 years with proper feeding, exercise and vet care.)

American Eskimos Are Smart!

There are dozens upon dozens of tricks that you can teach your american eskimo. They learn very quickly and can even learn many things on their own. See the List Of Tricks To Teach Your American Eskimo.