Pt Sai Agreement Indonesia

During the suspension period of up to six months, CBs are not allowed to sign new certification agreements, conduct certification assessments or issue new certificates under the RSPO system. ASI will work with CBs to re-adapt them to accreditation requirements. Erastus Radjimin, CEO of ARTOTEL Group, adds: “Based on my little conversation with Michael Widjaya, CEO Sinar Mas Land, there is finally an agreement to make a joint venture, PT SINAR ARTOTEL INDONESIA, to manage the Hotel Brand Rooms Inc. We are very grateful and proud that SINAR MAS LAND has seen the ARTOTEL Group as the only hospital management in Indonesia to creatively integrate hospitals, and that is why we are the right party capable of managing all Rooms Inc hotels.” PT SAI Indonesia mengadakan Formation Personality – D. I. S.C untuk Manager level. . The ARTOTEL Group is very upset by the partnership in the management and extension of the Rooms Inc. Rooms Inc. brand is a design hotel with a modern urban lifestyle that matches the characteristics of the ARTOTEL group`s boutique hotel concept and lifestyle. Rooms Inc. becomes a portfolio of ARTOTEL Group brands to offer hotel investors interested in having their real estate managed by ARTOTEL Group as a management operator.

As a result of this cooperation, ARTOTEL has added another hotel brand to match the segment of the economy market; therefore, a wide range of markets with different brands. ARTOTEL SUITES, ARTOTEL Villa and ARTOTEL Casa for premium/luxury hotel class, ARTOTEL and artotel crater for the upper middle class, with the lifestyle hotel for the lower middle class (economy) with Rooms Inc. and Bobotel brand. Pipeline: ARTOTEL: Setiabudi – Jakarta, ARTOTEL CASA: Kuningan – Jakarta, BOBOTEL: Gatot Subroto – Medan, Poris 88 – Tangerang. Collections: Rice Condo by ARTOTEL – Medan, Huni Huna – Nusa penida, Amber by ARTOTEL – Lombok, Mandalika Beach Club by ARTOTEL – Lombok. . ARTOTEL Group is proud to announce its joint venture with Sinar Mas Land to create a joint venture called PT SINAR ARTOTEL INDONESIA (PT SAI). The joint venture is to manage Rooms Inc., a hotel brand originally created by SINAR MAS LAND and owned by SINAR MAS LAND. Pt. SAI is also working to make Rooms Inc. a network of hotels that extends throughout Indonesia.

In addition, the PT. SAI manage and expand other hotel brands of SINAR MAS LAND. Rooms Inc. is currently present in the city of Semarang with stylish and trendy facilities, complemented by modern technologies to attract the millennial segment of the market. The hotel is located on the DP Mall in Jl.