Lobola Negotiation Agreement

“I think it`s a great idea to try to solve some of the problems that are currently facing the Lobola negotiations. It is sad that some people are opposed to positive change – the proposal makes the agreement more affordable, more accessible and protects all parties involved. The legally binding document helps families who are negotiating lobola to ensure that all details are recorded. Have you ever been involved in Lobolo negotiations, during which everything seemed to have been delayed because someone has to write down what the families have agreed to? What about these complex discussions that decide what a man must pay to impregnate a woman with marriage? The negotiation of Lobola is one of the important customs where the bride-to-be`s family receives money and gifts from the groom-to-be. Is the agreement adapted to a fluid society and how does Mahlangu react to critics who see these developments as a delay in an African heritage that has remained unchanged for centuries? “As far as critics are concerned, as Africans, we are infamous for not documenting our history, customs and traditions. The draft agreement helps to ensure that this critical part of Africa is properly accounted for. This is the opposite of the delay of African customs,” says Mahlangu. Don`t worry anymore, because there is only R99.00 that you can buy a Lobola deal. According to Mr. Mahlangu, the pre-packaged four-page model is not only easy to use, but also a step in the right direction, as it is legally available.

There are too many letters from Lobola that are rejected by the courts because they are insufficient. For R99, a legally binding “Lobola agreement” is now available in various Shoprite and USave stores across the country. “For example, if a woman goes to the Ministry of the Interior and the officials ask her to give them their lobolo consent so that she earns her husband`s discounts and receives her fair share for herself and her children, the lady can present a permanent written agreement in which witnesses can be contacted if the case goes to court and they can verify their participation.” He said. “All I want is equality and the protection of men and women in ordinary marriages.