Known Donor Insemination Agreement

If you understand the use of donor seeds and do not put the donor`s name on the birth certificate, they are not the legitimate parent and have no parental responsibility. If you are married or in partnership, your spouse may be the rightful parent; You should name them on the birth certificate and they will have parental responsibility. One important thing to note is that if you are not married or in civil partnership with your partner and pregnant at home with donor seeds, your partner cannot be the legal parent of the child and will not be mentioned on the birth certificate. Under these conditions, the only way for your partner to become a legal parent of the child would be through adoption, when they might be able to assume parental responsibility. Once a child is 16 years old, they can request unidentifiable information about the donor and all genetic siblings conceived by a donor. From the age of 18, they can request (with mutual consent) information identifying the donor and all genetic siblings designed by donors. When a sperm donor donates to a single woman through a clinic, he knows he could be the legal father; it will depend on the particular circumstances, including the Indian documents and what each intends to do about their role. Only a legal father can be mentioned on the birth certificate of a child. The first is to determine if your husband is a legal parent.

If it was not, it should not have been on the birth certificate and a non-parent application for re-registration of the child`s birth may be necessary. We should know much more about the case to advise, such a consultation is outside the scope of a blog comment. If you would like to arrange legal advice about your circumstances, please contact us on 01273 646900 to arrange this consultation. I am a single woman who is considering using a sperm donor. I currently choose between the use of a clinic (for limited attempts that I could afford) or a known donor arranged in private (with an agreement formalized by a lawyer to be as safe as possible). Hello I will be a sperm donor for a friend with an AI donation, we have a sperm donor agreement, make the internet I will never pay for the child in the future, or put to birth cirtificate? Hello, Al, thank you for your comment. It sounds like an unusual scenario, but I should see the proposed documentation before advising you.