Instacart Independent Contractor Agreement

Instacart also appreciates offering potential contractors a fair chance to pursue opportunities. Instacart evaluates criminal histories in accordance with this value and applicable local, state and federal laws and adapts any consideration of criminal histories to the requirements of the contract sought. For anyone wishing to provide services in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Instacart considers people in a way that meets the requirements of current fair opportunity regulations. Instacart likely misclassified some of its workers as independent contractors instead of employees, a San Diego judge ruled and gave impetus to a struggle that is shaking up California`s gig economy. Last year, San Diego City attorney Mara Elliott sued Instacart — the nearly $8 billion food delivery service — for wrongly calling employees independent contractors. Late in the day, a state judge agreed and ruled that San Diego buyers should likely be considered full-time employees. Instacart is committed to diversity and equal opportunities for independent contractors. Instacart considers qualified persons regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, veterans, disabled status or other categories protected by current legislation. The initiative aims to circumvent Assembly Bill 5 or AB-5, which codifies an “ABC” test to determine whether workers are workers who are entitled to health and work benefits.

As part of the test, employers must meet three requirements to demonstrate that their employees are independent contractors, including the ability for the contractor to provide the service freely of control of the business. 6.1. If you have any questions regarding the registration or performance of your services as a buyer, please visit our help center at or contact Instacart Community Operations at 1 (888) 246-7822. Prop 22 campaign materials have been made available to Instacart-In-Store buyers who are employed and full-service buyers who are contractors. California employers may not like the new Independent Contractor Act, but they are developing a variety of strategies to comply with them. “This pioneering ruling clearly shows that Instacart employees have been wrongly viewed as independent contractors, denying them the worker protection they are entitled to under state law,” Elliott said in a statement. “We invite Instacart to work with us to find a reasonable and fair solution.” In May, California`s attorney general and a coalition of municipal attorneys sued Uber and Lyft, accusing them of misclassifies drivers as independent contractors and depriving them of the protection they would be entitled to as employees.