Getting Your Dog To Understand Their Name

Getting your dog to understand their name, is by far the most important thing they can learn, when it comes to behaving, and following your command. American eskimos, and most other dogs, will learn this by nature if reinforced enough.

Value Of Trick – High (10/10)

Importance To Learn Early – High (10/10)

Time Required – Low (2/10)*

Reward Required – High (1/10)*

Step 1 – The Name

If you have not picked a good name for your American Eskimo, now is a good time. Before you can start with this training, they need to know what the command is for them to realize they are being called.

Step 2 – Choosing The Reward

Use the reward of your choice, carrots work well for this trick, and you can go online to find the best quality dog products from Paws Plus One for you and your pooch. Everything we sell is trialed and tested. If you would like a list of alternate healthy treats, read the American Eskimo Treats Resource.

Step 3- The Training

Being one of the most easily and instinctive tricks if used a lot, this trick won’t take much time for your dog to learn. It is also nice and easy to practice. Basically what you want to do is use their name for everything they do. For example – If their name is “Champ” hold a treat and make it visible. Then say their name (“Champ”) and then give it to them. Once they eat it say good boy/girl and give them praise.

This may seem very silly as they did not do anything. But what you are doing is tying your command, to getting their full attention.

By doing this a few times in a row about 3 times a day for a week, they will have learned this for ever.

This is the building blocks for teaching your dog how to advance in their learning. It all starts by letting them know who is the boss and respectful behavior.