Get Your American Eskimo To Bark With A Visual Command

Sometimes it may come in handy if you need to get your American Eskimo to bark by seeing a visual command rather than an audible one. American Eskimos are not known to be aggressive dogs, but in the right situation a visual command may come in handy.

If your American Eskimo does not know how to bark the audible way, by saying a command, then it is advised to teach your dog that trick first.

Value Of Trick – High (8/10)

Importance To Learn Early – High (5/10)

Time Required – Low (2/10)*

Reward Required – High (2/10)*

*If your American Eskimo knows how to bark on audible command first +1 if they do not.

Step 1 – Choosing The Best Command

Just like the audible command, you want to think of a command, one that will not be used much in every day life, but one unique to your dog. One that is very common is by pointing your index finger to your lips, then taking it away sharply pointing towards your American Eskimo.

Step 2 – Choosing The Reward

Use the reward of your choice, carrots work well for this trick also. If you would like a list of alternate healthy treats, read the American Eskimo Treats Resource.

Step 3 – The Preparation

Choose a location, either outside or in the middle of a room inside. Gather your rewards and keep them hidden. What works well is if you sit on the floor and place them behind you.

Step 4 – The Training

Since your American Eskimo already knows how to bark with the audible command, what you want to do is, every time you tell your dog to bark audibly, use your visual command simultaneously. By doing so your American Eskimo will hear the audible trigger command, but also see a visual command with it.

Again, positive reinforcement, even with they don’t necessarily do it. Repeat the steps three times, then on the third time give your American Eskimo a treat.

You will be very surprised as to how subtle the motion will become once your American Eskimo learns how to bark with a visual command.