Don’t Over Train Your American Eskimo

Don’t Over Train – Just like you, or me, we only can focus on things for so long. Dogs specificly, can sometimes get antsy depending on their personality. Typicly set up your training time into 10 to 15 minute sessions. Any longer will cause restlessness, hyperactivity, and even if they do the trick successfully, they most likely will forget it because their mind is elsewhere.

When starting a new trick, develop a train schedule that works well with your dog. One thing to keep in mind is what ever works for a schedule, stick with it. Your American Eskimo is a very smart dog. They begin to recognize time patterns. For example, when its time to eat, when its time to go outside, when its time for you to leave for work, and yes, when its time to train.

By doing so, your American Eskimo gets in a mind set that they will be doing something fun, and there is a reward involved.