Don’t Over Reward

Don’t Over Reward – Rewarding your American Eskimo for a good deed is a great thing to do. It gives them an incentive for doing something right in the future. You do need to becareful when giving treats though, especially if you are very generous.

Depending on the treat and each portion, its good to give very little at a time. For instance – If your treat is a mini-carrot, break it in half, or cut it into thirds. Your American Eskimo will be just as happy, but it wont fill him up and allows you to practice more.

Over rewarding can cause your American Eskimo to get sick, or make a mess in the house unexpectedly, so remember split it up and spread it out.

Remember that positive reinforcement works often just the same. Do not give a treat every time Your American Eskimo successfully completes a trick, alternate between physical rewards and positive reinforcement.