When Dog Training, Be Precise

When dog training, be precise. Just like any trick you teach your American Eskimo, you want to be very precise when teaching them to do something. You want to always do it the same way, especially in the learning stages, then you can get a little more loose with commands or rewarding. By doing so, there is little confusion for your dog. Which means faster learning time and more tricks that can be learned. Your dog will love these CBD treats many owners give their pets to train them and to improve their health. However, find more information here.

Here is a good example for dog training:

  1. “Eye Contact”
  2. “Dog Name”
  3. “Command”
  4. “Positive Reinforcement/Treat” or “NO Command and Go To Step 1”

Here is a bad example for dog training:

  1. “Hey Dog Name”
  2. “Command”
  3. “Hey!”
  4. “Command”
  5. “Pause”

As you can see, the good example is clear, to the point and precise. The bad example is filled with fluff words your dog can get confused by, long pauses and frustration. Avoid all of that. Fluff words will add unnecessary confusion and add vocabulary that has no value. It is true your dog may learn those words, but that time could be spent having them learn words of greater use and substance. Put that energy towards something useful.

Dog training takes time and patience. Puppy training takes even more. It should be a game for both you and your American Eskimo. Don’t involve stress or anger.


By keeping things precise and direct, your dog can start to understand your commands and feel rewarded for obeying and behaving. No matter the command, positive reinforcement should be given to acknowledge a successful behavior. Being precise can eliminate confusion your American Eskimo dog or puppy may have.

Here is an American Eskimo dog video to see what can be done with dog training done right.