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Your vote is a tool for representing interests in your child care and at the national level. @ChildCareWorks A new @ChildCareAware report shows that #childcare is prohibitive at the federal level. Learn more about the burdens on families and communities and the steps we can take to address this problem: #ChildCareandUs Many non-standard working hours are unpredictable, so families struggle to #childcare at the last minute. Check out @ChildCareAware`s new report, which explains how we can help parents access child care. #AboutTime Do you save for your child`s college courses? What about their #childcare? In 28 states plus D.C. the cost of child care has exceeded higher education. Find out what you can do to ease the financial burden on families: #ChildCareandUs All applicants must comply with the Ministry of Defence`s eligibility rules and all the additional rules set by each department. In addition, in the last twelve months prior to the application, the applicant must have a “prohibitive incident-free” state authorization review conducted. Get free help to search for child care on [Referral Line] or online [web address] #Childcare expenses now exceed mortgage fees for parents in 35 states plus D.C.

Aid draws attention to this federal problem: #ChildCareandUs parents in #California pay the most for child care. Find out what we can do to #childcare less. #ChildCareandUs The #PowertotheProfession initiative aims to professionalize the field of early childhood and establish stricter community standards in the area #childcare. Use your voice to influence the future of the early childhood profession! Use these resources this summer to turn everyday moments into brain building moments. your time is precious. We can simplify your #childcare search: [Insert a local link, resource or contact] What do you know about the status of early childhood educators in your state? Read more: #InvestInChildren #ECE @ChildCareAware Find a child care provider who wants to visit you at any time: [Insert a local link or contact] Mealtimes offer several ways to promote math, science and language skills. Visit this Brain Building for Families website for advice and resources: tell Congress they`re keeping their promise on CCDBG funding! Take action again today! #militarychild #PurpleUp #momc Flu season is in full swing. Already this year, 30 children have died of influenza, 10 of them last week. Learn the right preventions in your child care centre. things to remember when asking for help: the agency must be a current member of the CCAOA, the annual fees for the NDS must be paid, the NDS agreement must be signed and the hours of assistance are Monday-Friday, 10 .m.

– 17.00.m Eastern. Is this the perfect place for my child? Visit all the child care programs you plan before making a decision. Take your child with you! How do you connect with families to learn more about what they want from your summer program? Get some ideas! #connect #goals #summerlearning Research shows that the economy will see more than $13 for every dollar spent on early childhood education. Across the country, child care is one of the most important expenses for families with young children. It is time to find solutions and set priorities to make early education affordable and accessible to all. #ChildCareandUs Often #childcare supply does not match demand.