Camino Del Sol Lease Agreement

I moved in some time ago and the service is terrible and no one in the office takes care of their tenants. Since I moved in, everyone in my building has moved. I`ve been waiting for repairs at home since I moved in, and every time I go to the office and complain, they just give me an attitude. They do what they want, when they want. I have mold in my apartment, and all they do is cover it with Kilz. I was tired of going to the office and complaining, so I went ahead and contacted the Texas housing company to investigate the complex. Don`t be surprised when someone knocks on your door. I can`t wait for my dang rental to come to an end. I would rather stay in a shelter than continue living here. *Please contact our office for a holiday or information about early closure. I moved here a short time ago. The office is, it took more than three weeks to repair.

You go against what you sign on the lease and say things are changing. Other tenants have told me about the crime, but if you ask the manager, she says there is no crime that happens a week earlier. No hot water for days. This is not a tenant who likes the five I spoke to. Mold problems that are still not solved in children in the unit. The neighbors smoke in the apartments and it goes through the ventilation openings. I hate this place and would never recommend it to anyone. Not to mention the horrors that whistle at you as they get drunk in the parking lot. Where do I start? This place has a huge problem with cockroaches. I have a friend who lives here in another unit, and she has the same problems. A bunch of cockroaches everywhere. The inside of the drawers and closets was dirty with dead bugs and black stuff when I moved in.

ventilation for air conditioning is in the kitchen and there are viscous yellow stuff on the kitchen walls. The power was cut off 4 times and it took days to fix it each time. When I first moved here, it was a bit quiet, now it sounds like in the middle of a playground during the break at an Elementry school. It`s very noisy here. My fiancé received a package at the front desk, he went to the office to pick it up, and he wasn`t there. .