Bctf Collective Agreements

The Education Board of Directors for the #33 School District (SD#33) and the BC Public School Employers` Association (BCPSEA) have entered into the following agreements with the Chilliwack Teachers` Association (CTA) and the British Columbia Federation of Commissioners (BCTF): currently, approximately 300,000 public sector employees – 90% – are covered by interim or ratified agreements, B.C`s mandates have been taken as part of the negotiation of sustainable services. After the votes were put in, the new collective agreement was passed by teachers with a 98 percent lead. The agreement negotiated with the help of a mediator provides that in 2019, this mandate provided for a salary increase of 2% over three years. The Mediator has requested – and BCPSEA respects – a media blackout while the mediation process is ongoing. A tweet from the B.C. Teachers` Federation (BCTF) says the board is recommending acceptance of the agreement. The agreement includes more than 45,000 teachers represented by the BCTF, who provide education to students in the province`s 60 school districts. Over the next year of bargaining, the BCTF said it was focusing on better salaries to improve the province`s ability to attract teachers to fill a deficit.